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Want to take a group vacation, but don't want to deal with the hassle of keeping track of everyone's itineraries? Our experienced agents will do it all for you!

Types of Groups that we handle:

Small Groups - starting at just 5 rooms, these groups are very flexible and without a strict group contract, we can add rooms as we go if needed.

Large Groups - starting at 10 rooms, we can accommodate any number of guests with the right resort. For large groups we will have a room block at contracted rates so everyone is paying the same room rate per night. Some resorts also offer group events once a certain amount of room nights are booked. 

Wedding Groups - We can do wedding groups of any size! From a private ceremony for just the two of you, up to any amount of guests, we will work with you and the resort you choose to get the best deals, the perfect wedding package, and create an amazing experience for you and your guests!



Riviera Maya

Puerto Vallarta

Cabo San Lucas


Montego Bay



Punta Cana

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